Location: France, Agay, Villa Melodie Camp Long

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Stille Nacht heilige Nacht / Silent Night, Holy Night ...

fairly literal translation Frank 1997. 1. Silent night! Holy night! All's asleep, one sole light, Just the faithful and holy pair, Lovely boy-child with curly hair,

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Leondre and Charlie are BAM. I do the Bars and He Does The Melody. Manager @Blair BIG LOVE TO OUR #Bambinos, @BarsAndMelody

Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin from @SwervedriverUK twitter. New Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody LP, Black Horses out now via @Goodnightrecord!, @AFBoltsofMelody

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melody in music | other senses of this word | Melody (disambiguation)Melodic | the online music magazine | Melodic (magazine)Foreground ...

River Song (Doctor Who)

date November 2012 image. File:Riversong. jpg | 200px name River Song | alias Melody Pond, Mels, Melody Malone | series Doctor Who | ...

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