Location: France, Aigues Vives

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Category Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Possible phone number +33 5 56 32 53 53
Possible address 134 Avenue Thiers, Bordeaux, France
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Recordati agrees to buy Tunisia's Opalia for 37 mln euros

The acquisition will strengthen the Italian company's presence in North Africa and help it expand into central African markets and in the Gulf, it said in a statement. The transaction will be funded from Recordati's liquidity and is expected to ...

Recordati acquires Tunisia's Opalia

Recordati is buying a 90% stake in Opalia Pharma of Tunisia in a deal valued at 80 million dinar, or around 37 million euros. Opalia, which is headquartered in Ariana, a suburb of Tunis, was established in 1988 and ranks eighth in the Tunisian ...

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The Opiconsivia (or Opeconsiva or Opalia) was an ancient Roman religious festival held August 25 in honor of Ops ("Plenty also known as ...

Opalia (gastropod)

Opalia is a taxonomic genus of small sea snail s, marine gastropod mollusk s in the family Epitoniidae , commonly known as wentletraps ...

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