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Possible phone number +33 1 43 54 94 78
Possible address 1 Rue Gozlin, Paris, France
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Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House

Toronto was first introduced to New York style pizza when the Pugliese family founded Vesuvio

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Chicken Vesuvio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chicken Vesuvio, a specialty of Chicago, is an Italian-American dish made from chicken on the bone and wedges of potato, celery, and carrots; sauteed with garlic ...

Handmade Suits So Beautiful, They're Worth a Trip to Italy

Using the Grand Hotel Vesuvio as his base, Hranek followed in the footsteps of generations of Neapolitan gentlemen and inducted himself into the renowned ateliers of E. Marinella, Piccolo, and Rubinacci. While …

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Mount Vesuvius

For this reason, the volcano is also called Somma-Vesuvius or Somma-Vesuvio. The caldera started forming during an eruption around 17,000 ...

Vesuvio Cafe

Vesuvio Cafe is a historic bar in North Beach, San Francisco, California . Located at 255 Columbus Avenue, across an alley from City ...

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Category: Italian Restaurant

Address: 1 Rue Gozlin, Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 54 94 78

“We ate here one night with our three small children because the line at Relais de L'Entrecôte a few blocks away was out the door at 7:15, just a few minutes after opening. We initially had the upstairs area to ourselves, which was refreshing, but it filled up quickly and was full by the time we left. The food was good (pizza, salad, pasta) although the service, like so many Parisian restaurants, became increasingly inattentive the busier the restaurant became. But it was a decent meal and I'd recommend the place to anyone with children looking to have an early meal. ”


Category: Italian Restaurant

Address: 144 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 59 68 69

“i feel ripped off. and thus i have an axe to grind. ordered a pasta. came in at some 13.9 euros but i asked for water. who charges for water? and then the total comes to some 19.7 euros. i hit them up with a 20 plus a tip and walked out - in Paris the practice is not to tip like in the USA, because these guys get decent wages. hmmm that´s about six euros for a bottle of water (which i didn´t ask for) when tap water would do just fine. ok maybe that´s a misunderstanding, but increasing the purchase price by 50% is not. scammers and frauds. in truth they probably just ate into their tips because i tip generously when not required, but still i felt cheated. i suppose the waiter was just a dollard. i asked for a chair here to watch the winter olympics and he says no no this is a four person table. ok fine, but i didn´t see the restaurant filled to the brim. there were empty tables EVERYWHERE. carts me over to another table where i have to strain my neck to see the TV. imagine looking up to the sky to see the tv. horrible service ok so you guys screwed me over 6 euros. i will return the favour with a negative rating. cheers fellows. QUALITY OF FOOD to be fair the food was actually quite reasonable. and the prices too, given it´s on the champs elysees. SUMMARY: my experience here was not pleasant. food was reasonable. 1 star out of 5.”

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