Centre Communal D'action Sociale

Location: France, Aignes Et Puyperoux, Mairie

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Category Other Individual and Family Services
Possible phone number +33 4 90 88 52 24
Possible address 2 Rue Paul Poncet, Avignon, Франция
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Jean-Marie HEYDT - Council of Europe

École Supérieure en Travail Éducatif et Social (Educational and Social Work ... Administrative officer in the Centre Communal d'Action Sociale

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City Of Dijon Puts Old Wines On the Block

The money will go to the town’s social services agency, the Centre Communal d’Action Social (CCAS), to fund emergency services. At the Sunday auction the city disposed of half of its stock of bottles set aside for …

Dijon sells wine to fund social spending

Funds raised by the auction, which attracted bidders phoning from France and abroad, will go to Dijon's social services agency, the Centre Communal D'action Social. Around 84pc of the auction's profits will be spent on Dijon's emergency services ...

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However, Italians have also formed Communal ghettos in Mercier-Est ... (Plan D'action local pour l'economie et l'emploi) Le Groupe DBSF, ...

Anarchism in France

La Révolution Sociale, the first anarchist newspaper since the ... The GAAP (Groupes anarchistes D'action prolétarienne) were created on ...

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Centre Communal d'Action Sociale

Category: Приют для бездомных

Address: 2 Bis Rue de Belfort, Toulouse, Франция

Phone: +33 5 61 58 85 85

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