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The First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group

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134 NGOs Call on ICC Prosecutor to Continue Investigations in Congo

Congo Actions pour le Développement (CAD), Province Orientale 45. Congo en Image (CIM), Province-Orientale 46. Conseil des Confessions Religieuses en Ituri (CCRI), Province Orientale 47. Conseil Territorial de la Jeunesse (CTJ), Nord-Kivu 48. Convention ...

DR Congo: Floods - Oct 2007

You won’t find this place on a map. The ‘City of Hope’ doesn’t have a cathedral, or a town hall. Or any roads. Or electricity or running water. It’s a desolate area of wasteland outside Kinshasa. Most of the residents were moved there by the ...

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Niger Armed Forces

com/politique/298-politique/1819-au-Conseil-des-ministres-le-gouvernement-adopte-plusieurs-projets-de-lois-et-des-mesures-nominatives. ...

Law enforcement in Niger

References : ne/cm/conseil_01112007. php Ministère de l'Intérieur, de la Sécurité Publique et de la Décentralisation, Presidency of Niger, ...

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Le Chapon Fin

Category: French Restaurant

Address: 5 Rue Montesquieu, Bordeaux, France

Phone: +33 5 56 79 10 10

“Very dispointing restaurant: food average, tiny dishes, too many staff. We spent a horrible evening stressed by all the waiters staring at us. Have to say that things are different where we are from.”