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Location: France, Ahuille

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Le placard: Review By Kallie Fischer

Le Placard is an enjoyable and amusing French comedy that will surely keep you laughing throughout its entirety. After spending a semester viewing and critiquing French movies in a French Cinema course, I have learned a great deal about French culture.

Le Placard de LaComtesse

Welcome to the first installment (in what I hope will be a semi-regular series) of Le Placard de LaComtesse, where I find questionable garments and tell you whether or not I would wear it and why. To kick off this new initiative, I thought it fitting that ...

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Paradis perdu

Une odyssée spectaculaire et musicale de Dominic Champagne, Jean Lemire et Daniel Bélanger dès Le 26 janvier 2010 à la Place des Arts, @Paradis_perdu

Le soixante-neuf

The soixante-neuf, place for contemporary art in Bordeaux city center, @lesoixanteneuf

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