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Location: France, Acheres

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Collection de Maquettes d'avion - Art-aviation : desk ...

Maquettes anciennes d'avions de compagnie aerienne et objets de collection Air France. Annonces et galerie photos. / Desktop airlines models and airlines items.

Ce camion miniature téléguidé est surpuissant ! - YouTube

Les meilleurs vidéos sont sur ### : Sont camion téléguidé réussi à le transporter + tirer sont gros 4x4 !

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Congress 2010 hosted by the Concordia University

architectural maquettes, and an exhibition of related artifacts; Black Box - Hexagram will present three projects that explore the fertile boundaries and interplays between research in the humanities, artistic research and …

Pierre Székély

So I put the pieces in the kiln, fired them at 1,000 degrees and fitted them together afterwards. The Maquette made 35 years ago seems to become more and more contemporary. Perhaps, by the next century, it will not be premature any more. Indeed the ...

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