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Location: France, Agde

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But… semantic gap between formal specs and implementation. 2. Forte

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Fort Frederick SP

American history from the colonial period to the present can be discovered at Fort Frederick State Park., @FortFrederickSP

frédéric Forte

Président du Limoges CSP, @Fred_Forte

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Limoges CSP

Notable players: Frédéric Forte FRA. Jacques Monclar FRA. Hugues Occansey FRA. Stéphane Ostrowski FRA. Jean-Michel Sénégal FRA. David Thévenon ...

Ian Monk

N/S, Éditions de l'attente, 2004 (with Frédéric Forte ) L'Inconnu du Sambre express, TEC-CRIAC, 2004 Family Archaeology and Other Poems, ...

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